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, the trouble moves inland, floods now far worse than anticipated. >> steve: man, look at those pictures. meanwhile, airlines will be busy today untangling what a mess of their own. travelers strangsded with nothing to do but wait. will they fly today or tomorrow or the next day? stay tuned. >> brian: and, just one of the incredible scenes from hurricane irene. a lifeguard shack gets watched away in long beach, new york. we will have the story and hear from one of the lifeguards coming up. "fox & friends" starts right now. captions by closed captioning services [rooster crowing] >> alisyn: good morning, everybody, thanks for joining us bright and early. we are up early to give you the aftermath of irene. she wreaked a lot of havoc in and around new york city. new york city not so much. connecticut, jersey, upstate new york a the love damage this morning. >> steve: indeed. good morning ali and brian: how he was impacted directly by irene. brian and i are appearing today via no electricity at our homes, limited water. this is like the pioneer days. >> alisyn: that explains a few things. >
have a live report from nbc's steve handelsman in new york. we want to go to sfo where dozens of flights were canceled because of hurricane irene. hello, monty. >> reporter: good evening. here at sfo, a total of 87 departing flights were canceled and 46 of those flights were canceled today. all weekend long passengers have been scrambling to book other flights. all the airlines have been flying to locations on the east coast such as washington, d.c., baltimore and philadelphia the first flight is the red eye. there is a huge back up and thousands of people getting back to the east coast, some are being told they will wait several days to get out of here. we found one woman inside here at the united counter trying to get back to new jersey. she was told she couldn't get a flight until saturday. >> i know it's mother nature and they probably have nothing to do with it, but i hope they can try to get organized. >> i missed my vacation with my daughter and i missed changing the flights and i said come hell or high water. my daughter is having a staycation which is not the same thi
of emergency. steve jobs sits down as the company's chief executive. he's set to stay on as chairman. it's 9:00 a.m. here in singapore. >> it's 2:00 a.m. here in london, broadcasting to viewers on pbs in america and around the world. this is "newsday." >> hello, and welcome. as fighting continues in libya, the rebels say they're transfering their government's capital of tripoli from their base in benghazi. colonel gaddafi isn't ready to give up yet. he urged libyans to destroy the rebels. the heaviest fighting is still near olede gaddafi's old capitol in the capital. this report does contain some graphic images. >> descending into colonel gaddafi's underground fortress. the tunnels ran for miles and could have been his escape route. today, rebel fighters were taking the tour. seeing where gaddafi's troops had been holed up. abandoned in a corner, some of their supplies. this underground labyrinth, the secret world was incredibly well constructed. the ceilings here are very high. the walls are very solid. over hering i've just found a phone which was obviously used for internal communication.
irene is inland southern new jersey and pennsylvania with several rivers cresting way above usual. steve from our affiliate at wtxf is in trenton this morning. so this is a surprise? >> yeah, right. well, i'll tell you something, here's a little name of a little stream that you've never heard of. and it runs through trenton, the delaware river is flooding trenton big time but here is the story that's going to affect hundreds of thousands of folks especially you people in new york. if you're going north. this is why rail >> the philadelphia rail people figured let's leave our trains there and they're now sitting flooded so you have water over e fun in the flood caused by irene, he went for a swim while sporteding his new york best dad t-shirt for his 3-year-old son to see on tv, peter arnold is dry and he's on the couch this morning. good morning to you, peter. >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> what were you thinking? >> not much, i think weri, dur that time. i'm starting to start a new fitness craze called street swimming. it's like you only have to do it once every three or f
comes irene, she swept through the bahamas. now the east coast is bracing for this storm. so steve jobs resigns because of his health. how will the company do without him? hello and welcome to tripoli, a city which is very slowly resuming some of its normal rhythms. more shops were opened. for the most part, the streets remained deserted. many of the streets have check posts. gaddafi loyalists who are well armed and well trained and are very defiant and they are putting up a fight. there is a firefight close to his former compound he could be hidings pence of there is still intense fighting is to this district of the south, the place of the notorious prison. some of these prisoners have managed to escape but there has been fierce fighting involving snipers who have been killed. many of the injured have been arriving for medical treatment. at the compound, the compound remains under rebel control. a lot of firing their. there is an underground complex of tunnels. my colleague was there to see it. >> descending into colonel gaddafi's underground fortresses. a warren of tunnels which runs
now. >> and other news, steve jobs steps down as the company's chief executive. hurricane irene gather strength as it moves across the caribbean. it is 9:00 a.m. here in singapore. >> hello and welcome. there have been fierce battles and the capital of tripoli after colonel gaddafi vowed to fight until victory or martyrdom. the whereabouts of the libyan leader is not known. the rebels have offered a reward of a million dollars to anyone who captures or kills him. we were in the streets to gauge the mood of the city that is no longer ruled by the gaddafi dynasty. >> the square has been renamed martyrs' square and honor of all those who lost their lives in the fight for libya. look at it now, it is a scene of celebration. they are waving the old flag that will replace the gaddafi's flack. take a look at what lies on the ground. all of these bullet casings. this place exploded in celebration. they have been firing off every possible weapon including anti- aircraft fire today to show to the libyans and the world that the libyans have ended colonel gaddafi's 42 year rule. look at this scaff
across the 11 states have been killed. nearly five million people, plus steve and brian, are without power. and flyers finally get up in the air and to their destinations this morning. even though the major airports have reopened, travelers experienced 1600 flight cancellations yesterday. airlines warning it could take several days before the one million stranded passengers by irene get to where they need to go. dominique strauss-khan applauded as he returns to the headquarters of the international monetary fund in washington. he went back to his old office with his wife five days after he was cleared of sexual assault charges. strauss-khan apologized to the entire imf staff. not sure for what. he's expected to move back to france later this week. a great american story. a little league team gets a welcome home that they will never forget. >> the 2011 little league champions! >> family, friends and fans in huntington beach, california, went wild for the boys' big win. they defeated japan 2-1 in the little league world series and the city plans to honor them next weekend with an off
chance, perhaps? the white house will answer that question. and more. "fox and friends" starts, steve, do you have the time? >> it starts right now! >> who needs the stinking digital clock? i got a wrist watch right here. it's time to start! >> get your sundial out. >> i feel like -- exactly like the pilgrims when they came over in the nina, pinta and the santa maria because we don't have electricity. back to the old days. i'm making my own butter. >> you're still without electricity. >> this morning, i did this. i traveled with this little thing all the time. shaving. >> i go to bed with a minors cap and i hit a button and i just start shaving. >> you guys around alone. there are millions of people without electricity. >> we feel for you, folks, although you're not watching us right now unless you're lucky enough to have a general rarlt. >> if nothing matches, don't blame us. we're getting dressed literally in the dark. >> let me take a look. >> that shirt is lavender. >> not many people have color tv. >> meanwhile, we'll give you the follow-up on irene. we want to get right to your
to a lot of devastation, unfortunately. >> steve, will you lend gretchen your plane next time? >> i'll lend her my lack of electricity. now day five no electricity in our house. >> me, too. >> i got it back last night. you are welcome to a sleepover. i have a blow up mattress. >> i have the one flashlight i've been using it for five days, shaved with it this morning. >> we have so many trees down, i have no idea when power will be restored. stay tuned for next week. headlines for this wednesday, the latest on the aftermath from hurricane irene. u.s. blackhawk helicopters delivering much needed supplies to people in vermont this morning. more than a dozen towns left stranded because roads and bridges are washed out. the situation just as dire in new jersey. towns near the passaic river being evacuated as floodwaters continue to rise. some people being rescued by boat from their homes. >> i know people in the communities that i visited say wayne and fairfield have dealt with something like this before. but this is the worst that any of them have seen. i saw just extraordinary despair
because of hurricane irene. and steve jobs steps down as the company's chief executive. >> we're broadcasting to viewers on pbs in america and around the world. this is newsday. ♪ hello and welcome. as fighting continues in libya, the rebels said they are transferring their garment to the capital tripoli from their base in ben ghazi. but colonel gaddafi is not ready to give up yet. in another audio message, he urged libya -- libyans to destroy the rebels. the report contains some graphic images. >> descending into colonel gaddafi's underground fortress, tunnels that runs 4 miles and could have been his this capered. -- that runs for miles and could have been his escape route. abandoned in a corner, some of their supplies. with this underground labyrinth, this secret world, it was incredibly well constructed. the savings are very high. the walls are very solid. over here i found a phone that was used for internal communication. and this was a kind of motorized cart. who knows if the libyan leader was transported through these tunnels in this carta. colonel gadhafi thought he
hit the tech world of giant apple. steve jobs announced he is stepping down. the relatively unknown tim cook has become the chief operating officer and will likely replace tim. this has caused a flurry of speculation about his ailing health and the fate of the corporation he helped to bill. we're joined now from new york by the author of "be political diet." i heard that steve jobs' is described as one of the most creative people of our generation. do you agree with that? >> i would agree with that. i think especially when you're talking about the technology world. he is one of the most well-known and biggest innovators of our time. these days, it is hard to find someone around it does not have some kind of apple product, whether it is the iphone, ipad, ipod. he is iconic and he shook up the technology world, especially since you returned to apple. he did it ousted from the company at one point. he is a visionary and like any other in the tech field. >> when he took over and started sounding that company back in california, computers were a tiny little box. it really runs the gamut
. >>> and the members of the super committee are meeting for the first time behind closed door. >>> and plus, steve jobs' biological father says he regrets giving up his son for adoption more than 50 years ago, but he says he will not contact him and we will tell you why. >> when you invite people to a party on facebook, what happens? well, several people were arrested at this out of control college party. charge of my financial future. [ bell dinging ] two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy. purina cat chow helps you well-being. we're all our costriving for it.ecurity nurture it in your cat with a full family of excellent nutrition and helpful resources. purina cat chow. share a better life. t
's steve. reporter: all right, pam and dave, thank you very much. a bigger fog bank today, also a stronger sea breeze. that equals cooler inland temps, maybe a good five to 10 degrees by the coast, really not much change. fog and some sun. but there's a lot of gray out there, 50s, 60s, 70s coast and bay and low- to mid-80s inland. here's sal. reporter: steve, right now traffic on interstate 880 is moving along very nicely. there are no major problems as you drive up to the coliseum, northbound 880 traffic looks pretty good. also the morning commute looks pretty good on westbound 880 heading out to the macarthur maze. now let's go back to the desk. >>> the investigation continues into an overnight police shooting in cupertino. it happened on stevens creek boulevard. ktvu's kraig debro joins us now from cupertino, tells us a long stretch of that busy buford boulevard is still closed this morning, right, kraig? reporter: right, pam. this is an unusually large crime scene. we're at sterns and stevens creek. the crime scene actually stretches all the way through finch. so if you're commuting
: barak, california. gaithersburg, maryland. republican, steve. caller: looking forward to reading the book. i have to tell you as a moderate republican, i thought cheney was a good congressman. i thought he was a fantastic secretary of defense and the gulf war and i would argue one of the worst vice-president we have ever had. very disappointed. i voted first term for him, and the second, unfortunately because of him. i will be interested to read his book to see what his take is. so far from what you have been reading from the reviews, this seems like a guy who was always good and blaming everybody else for failures of the bush administration. host: go ahead. finish up, steve. caller: when of the previous callers -- we are entitled to our own opinions and not entitled to our own facts. the iraq war when it comes to the facts, i have yet to see facts about weapons of mass destructions. i still think we should have gone in regardless. but a previous caller, a fellow republican, the valerie plame story, that there was no connection between him. you can stretch and say there was no di
in solving this. >> alongside me, the big business story, steve jobs stepping down as chief executive of apple. affects the share price, doesn't it? >> yes. there's always been a jobs premium to the apple share price. during his illnesses. the liver transplant and pancreatic cancer and every time he's announced a short-term medical departure, weave seen a drop in shares. >> but he's got a team of technology inventors. >> well, he fwrauth magic to apple. he's the walt disney of the company. let's take a look. >> for a decade steve, the rock star of the technology world and his trademark t-shirt and jeans carsmatically launching innovation after innovation. this was june presenting the icloud, the next big thing in the computing world. in 2001 the aye pot then in 2007 the iphone then the ipad. it made apple one of the world's richest companies, even steve jobs rival used word like vision narrow and -- but to fight a rare cancer for a liver transplant and most recently an unnamed condition which might be why he decided to step down. tim cook will replace him, already handpicked and trust
'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. you know, the great steve paulson is back. >> thank you, pam and dave. we do have a cooler pattern for you today. in fact, the fog is really going up and down the coast, making a pretty strong surge inland. that means temperatures, they start to move down. really haven't changed too much coast and bay. but they'll be stuck in the 50s, 60s there. 70s as you move inland and then upper 70s or very low 80s for locations that should be warmer than this. here's sal. reporter: steve, right now traffic is moving along very nicely on interstate 680 heading south. no major problems on the way to the south bay from the east bay. also this morning we're looking at the san mateo bridge, a lot of people crossing, although it is not at critical mass yet. traffic looks good over to 101. 5:00, let's go back to the desk. >>> we begin this morning with a developing story in san francisco. a man has been shot outside a restaurant and bar in the city's mission district. ktvu's taramoriarty is live at the scene with what she has h
at booktv. steve early examines the current organizing strategies and structures of many labor unions in the united states. he also reports on internal conflicts of 2008-2010 that according to the author hurt union reputations and angered supporters. this is about an hour and 20 minutes. >> i want to thank everybody for coming out here tonight. i want to thank the bus boys teen. and it is great teen. in which tonight includes christine taylor from booktv and c-span. i want to thank her for doing the video were. it's going to make the proceedings a little more formal than when we're at the 14th and did an open number with a microphone floating around and many of question period. going to talk about 50 men so they get something, and then we will have to do the questions union convention style. you'll have to line up at the mic back and you're not going to get a chance to speak unless you see the green light go on. i have my figure -- finger on that control. but i hope that when we get to the question period, it will be lively. i know it will be. this to labor series that busboys and poe
day? we take an early look at the markets as we get up in your business this morning. steve sedgwick is live in london this morning. inside the most recent fed meeting what can we expect from this meeting? >> the u.s. futures for the dow which had a great rally over the last five or six sessions is taking it further away from what is near flat line performance for the year as of yesterday's close. we want to know just what the fomc is thinking, is there more quantitative easing during qe3 and how bad did they assess the state of the economy. the consumer confidence comes out hot on the heels of the best consumer spending figures we saw yesterday for around five months but it was across the board a really good rally yesterday the dow rallying over 200 points, not only on that consumer spending figure but also on the fact that hurricane irene was less damaging to a lot of metropolitan areas than many had feared and as such the insurers of travelers and the rest of the financial sector also had a very good run but a lot of expectation about the fomc and the confidence figure. >> steve t
the formation of their own transitional council. there are reports of tanks and gun fire in a town. steve is in moscow. let us talk about the envoy there now. what is expected? >> we do not know a lot about what he is thinking about. this is russia's deputy foreign minister. we do not know who he is meeting or what he is discussing. it is no secret that moscow is deeply unhappy with the u.n. security council resolution with american and european powers are trying to get through the security council. one that would take strong starts to authorities and the president come introducing economic sanctions, freezing assets, -- those are the kinds of things that russia is against. they do not believe it will lead to peace. irresolution should not mention sanctions. it takes a more balanced view in the eyes of moscow, calling for the speeding up of economic reform. not taking an overly-critical attitude. >> while this continues, the international voice, other than a pressure -- russia continues. thanks very much, steve. still to come, new york escaped the worst of the damage as hurricane irene is
which the rebels say they are using as a barracks. and now, streaming live tonight from tripoli. steve is sirte the last stand for the qaddafi forces? >>steve: well, shepard, it looks like unless there is another stand, this could be the final major battle in the six month conflict. there are up to thousands of qaddafi loyalists in sirte and concern that in his arsenal there could be a number of scud milaners so right now the rebels are 20 miles outside of sit in three directions. they are approaching but they want help from nato that helped them take tripoli, they want nato to bomb the bunkers and bomb out the missile launchers paving the way to take the stronghold much as possible, and it could be two or three days away. >>shepard: is the fighting over tripoli? >>steve: the sounds of weapons are still present in tripoli. you have an excited and young inexperienced force firing into the air each night but the real battles have been melting away. this city is under control of the rebels for new but it is a challenge to be in control. we have not seen widespread looting but they have th
in the capital, tripoli. he made the statement over the broadcast radio. right now, we will hear about what steve forbes, the president and ceo of forbes magazine, thinks about the economy. of washington journal" continues. host: on the screen is steve forbes, president and ceo of " forbes." two-time candidate for president. the headline out washington -- deficit hole will remain gaping, according to the cbo. what do you make on the latest news on the economy? guest: well, it is obviously disappointing. i think the u.s. economy is doing better than expected in the second half. not quite as pessimistic as others. steel orders are up, rail traffic is up and durable goods orders are up -- that news came out yesterday. equivalent to an automobile, 10 miles an hour in the first half and now going about 30 or 35 miles in the second half when we should be on an open highway doing 70 or 75 miles an hour. we are moving but at a very glacial pace given the severity of a recession. usually out of a sharp downturn we get a sharp upturn. we have not had that here. host: unemployment is going to be -- remain u
winchester, 63 dulles. light northerly wind no shortage of sunshine. back to you steve. >> let's update the morning commute mta announcing all modes of transportation working today. light rail passengers should plan for delays because of storm damage the penn line will operate a limited service schedule metro trains, buses intercounty buses will operate on regular county schedules, julie. >>> all right steve let's say good morning to the crew in sky fox in southern maryland checking out your drive along water street. part of it is still under water a portion remains blocked off in each direction as you travel between maine and pennsylvania, this is out near the courthouse live from this location all morning long. we were told everything was open but that is not the case we can see from holly's live shot that the road remains closed because of standing water they are trying to pump out. unfortunately water street remains closed. >>> back inside and update the ride elsewhere. travelling southbound 270 your lanes are open no incidents to report coming out of german town first day of school
people in just this kind of situation. joining me on the phone is steve, a spokesperson for the red cross. steve, good to have you with us. >> nice being here, thank you. >> martha: steve, what do people need from you folks the most? >> right now, they need sheltering and feed going the things we are doing right now. we have 30 shelters open on long island. we are feeding those people. the next couple of days we will be opening feeding centers for people who don't have power. apparently that will be a large problem. >> martha: how many would you say you have in the shelters right now? >> right now we have 4,000. 4,000 of your favorite friends sleeping next to you. >> martha: how many people evacuated and came to the shelters as you would expect and help they would do? how many may still be stuck in their homes without food and power? >> i'm still in my hotel room. i can only tell you that i have spoken to people all over the island. there are a lot of people on long beach which is right on the water, who are stuck in their homes. >> martha: we are looking at pictures of that area now stev
the washington, d.c. area. it is august 30th, 2011. glad you're with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. before we check in on weather, there are still school closings to talk about this morning. >> we'll start in maryland. anne arundel, calvert and st. mary's county schools are closed today. d.c. schools are open today. however, students and staff from the school without walls should report to eastern high school. all of the closings at the top of your screen and on >> we want to welcome back tucker barnes to the mix here of a long weekend in ocean city. >> a little tired, all cleaned up and ready to go. >> what is going on out there? >> the forecast couldn't be better. we have a lot of sunshine expected for the next couple of days. high temperatures in the low to mid-80s. a few degrees below where we should be this time of year. >> even better. >> kind of like a little fall- like pattern. let's get started. we'll show you the satellite- radar. this is an easy forecast. we have a few clouds off to the east out to the beaches. the lower easter
this is the last day of august, 2011, the 31st. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> all of the schools in calvert and st. mary's county are still closed today. prince george's county schools are open. there are just four schools there without power. they are glenarden woods elementary, heather hills elementary, rock ledge elementary and tall oaks vocational high school. officials say they will make a status decision about those schools before 6:00 this morning. >>> howard county with just one school without power. it is appleton elementary. anne arundel has 15 schools that will stay closed. that list is on our web site. >>> over 2,000 pepco customers are still in the dark. bge has 57,000 still without power in knife local counties. in southern maryland more than 17,000 customers are still without electricity. some bge customers tell us they are fed up. >> my message for bge is figure it out. >> get your act together, big final. >> my message to bge is can you please turn my power back o i miss the internet. >> help us pay fo
proved an irresistible draw for forgers. from berlin, steve has all the details. >> german detectives have opened the door on what they call a huge scandal. in a police station was a collection of masterworks of the '20s century. they sold for many millions, but they are all fakes. scientific analysis reveals them to be part of a con. >> a scandal. and most exciting scandal in the art world. we are discussing 47, 48, 50 very, very famous paintings that are fakes. >> the alleged forgers are awaiting trial. ninth of the art world was amazed, a collection had been sold that no one had heard of before. this one was sold for $6 million. this one was sold for $3.5 million. scientific investigations using microscopes and x-rays revealed that some of the paint could not have come from the time the artist for painting. artists not involve said that the problem is that our experts did not look below the surface. >> many experts said they did not need scientific investigation. they said they knew the art so well, the charisma from the work itself, that they could define an original. >> germany h
it deeply. >> thank-you, steve, for that. still to come on "gmt," as the memoir of dick cheney hits the shelves, it has already attracted criticism from the former secretary of state. stars, filmmakers, and fans began arriving in venice for the annual film festival. organizers are prompting one of their most glamorous events yet. george clooney is just one of the big names set to rejuvenate the annual gathering. his new movie, the ides of march, will have its premiere there. >> today is the beginning -- >> in his latest movie, george clooney stars as an american politician. he will be one of 23 directors vying for the top award in venice. the coveted golden lion. >> it is always nice. i like it. >> "the odds of march." >> premiers over the next 10 years -- 10 days, returning to the professional glamour of the past. >> we are hoping to bring that back. thanks to [reads names] and our old friend, [unintelligible] it may happen. >> george clooney -- madonna may be the biggest story on the red carpet. there was controversy last year when several major awards went to friends of quentin t
is steve. my family's lived in this neighborhood for years. recently, things got so tight we had to go to our local food bank for help. i lost a lot of sleep worrying about what the neighbors might think. that is, until i saw them there, too. how'd i do, steve? a little stiff. you could have done a little better. what? come on. you know, i have an academy award. yeah, but not for playing me. announcer: play a role in ending hunger. visit and find your local food bank. done on the east coast. the
an update on the storm later on in the newscast. but first, nbc's steve handelsman has a look at all the damage. >> reporter: the danger that remains tonight from irene comes from the hurricane's huge rainfall. rivers like this in vermont are raging there is overflow from north carolina to new england. this was pennsylvania near philadelphia. >> this storm is transitioning into a flooding event. we're going to experience major flooding. >> reporter: in bayhead, new jersey, rising seawater filled the streets near nancy walton. >> we knew at 11:30, 12:00 we made a mistake by staying, but we couldn't go anywhere. we were stuck. >> reporter: new york city firefighters had to rescue more than 60 people, including three babies on staten island. >> when i looked out, my heart sank because all of the sudden the water was up to the level of the cars. >> reporter: despite water in some streets, 300,000 new yorkers were allowed back home. after the city's first ever evacuation of coastal neighborhoods. mayor michael bloomberg also closed the subways, the tunnels, the bridges. >> nobody likes to
over the age of 50 are at risk of going hungry. that's up almost 80% over the last decade. abc's steve osunsami spoke to some of those struggling today. >> reporter: nancy and randall watkins say they were just like most middle class couples in their early 50s, making sure everything was paid on time until he got sick last year. and then she got sick. and they both lost their jobs. today, they can barely put food on the table. >> sometimes you don't want to get up. you just think today will be better. so, i'm thinking, lord, let me feel better. >> reporter: they use all kinds of tricks to make their food last. they eat food that's gone bad. and eat cereal without the milk. >> sometimes there's not a lot of milk, you know? you compromise. you can use water. >> reporter: they make too much from disabilititto get food stamps. but they don't make enough to pay their bills. they owe $25,000 to a hospital in kentucky. today's report say it's now americans in their 50s who are in the prime of their working lives and more likely to be hungry than people in their 60s and 70s. >> these are folks
alive in kill devil hills. steve kessler's house took a hit, $50,000 in damages. >> and it just kept coming and it kept coming and it kept coming, and that wind -- >> reporter: irene lashed coastal carolina, hit hard, hit fast. its early hours sucked the life from the banks. snapshots of damage in hatteras and despair in rodincy, but not wholesale destruction. >> here's the waterline right here. >> reporter: in ada andrew's house, the water is going down. so is her anxiety. >> i live through them because it's beautiful 364 days of the year. >> reporter: and steve kessler still has a roof over his head. >> inside i can handle. it's the outside that's -- that's a mess. >> reporter: but most places outside here whisper vacation again. irene's timing is more good news, gone just in time for labor day weekend, the big money maker up an down this coastline. mark strassmann, cbs news, kill devil hills, north carolina. >>> we'll take a break. colin powell accuses dick cheney of taking cheap shots. >>> plus beyonce's news, baby bump. this is the "cbs morning news." . wow! the best in the worl
of the leaderboard. steve stricker had a great day. he equaled the course record, the major record for the lowest round in history, 63 was hips round, and he's the world number five, but actually the top four in the leaderboard at the american, steve stricker leading the way at the moment. he's got a two-shot lead and really an excellent birthday, so he'll be looking to carry on with that. but rory mcilroy, who won the u.s. open, he has also a very mixed round, was playing quite well, but he's actually the pretournament favorite, but the shot you'll see coming up here, he tries to hit this from behind what is a tree root, really injures his wrist. you can see him shaking the wrist there, really bad injury, had a difficult round after that. he's 22, so he'll go for that shot and maybe shouldn't have done, he's going to have a scan on his wrist this morning, and he won't know definitely if he can carry on, so we're waiting to hear on that. >> what a disappointing turn for him. kathy, thanks very much. you're watching "bbc world news." still to come -- could texas provide another u.s. president? mig
over. steve kingston distorts our coverage. >> it has been a ferocious fight. nerves frayed, reputations guard on both sides. but finally it is over. >> congress has approved a compromise to reduce the deficit and avert a default that would have devastated our economy. it was a long and contentious debate. >> the agreement was sealed by a vote in the senate. who got the better deal? listen to the difference between gleeful republicans and reluctant democrats. >> this is a welcome change in behavior, and i gladly support it. make no mistake. this is a change in behavior from spend, spend, spend to cut, cut, cut. >> to be frank, almost everything else about this bill states, and it stinks to high heaven. >> it has come to this because america is deep in the red. with every dollar the government spends, 40 cents is borrowed money. congress sets a ceiling on that, currently a little over $14 trillion. the government will hit that ceiling today, but this bill raises it by a further $2.40 trillion in exchange for spending cuts. the white house admits that at times this debate has
been more visible recently although it is not clear if you'll be the one to fill steve jobs role of product introductions on stage. his real strength lies behind the scenes. after >> jobs announced to a stepping down, apple stocks started to fall. it was a gorgeous sunday for the bay area. >> previous, as marshals. it is coming out on the market soon. when i got my hands on the today safety. if in the future 3-d will be a standard feature. dlj throw is a look to the future. a giant 4.310 screens. 3-d is an extra feature that you could use or not. the thrill is for judo core process of making a fast and is serving the well was a breeze. when you want to do something with 3 become head this 3-d tab. that takes you to the many were you can see pictures and videos have taken. treasonous youtube 3-d channel. plg scroll the at&t refers. there's no official release date. wismar fall only costs one of dollars with a two-year contract.
. an iranian court is expected to release its verdict at any time. steve centanni is watching it. >> reporter: the last court appearance was held yesterday in tehran. a lawyer for the hikers says he expects to hear a verdict in a week. he was hoping for an immediate decision and immediate freedom for his clients. they have been in prison for two years this month. shane bauer and josh fattal were hiking when they were arrested and charged with espionage. shore was released on humanitarian ground and is now living in california. the border with iran is porous and indistinct. they stepped off an unmarked dirt road allegedly into iranian territory because a bored guard called them over. the court did not call sarah shore back to testify and he believes mercy could come because this is the beginning of ramadan when pardons are traditionally given. the state department had this reaction. >> we start from the premise that they have been held far too long and have been held without any reason. and that they should be released. and we remain hopeful they will be. >> reporter: the case another sore spo
, as they are falling through the cracks. joining me from bristol is steve webb. thank you very much for joining us. this is pretty grim. >> it's a very serious warning and a wake-up call. we need to get both the state pension system right, but also, as the report says, private pensions. far too many people do not have a private pension at all. >> this is a situation which has accrued over previous administrations and no one has really grasped it. >> we have brought forward two sector plans to tackle a very serious problem. the first is to try to get the state pension system right. the current state pension is even below the poverty line. that's not a firm foundation for people to save on. starting next year, we are going to bring up to 10 million people into workplace pension savings for the first time so that they will put money in. their firms will put money in and the taxpayer will contribute. that will start a lot of people into pension saving, which is vital. >> but the people might argue they have been saving all this time and now they're finding it just will not be enough. >> i think there
on german taxpayers, who have been reluctant to prop up other european countries in trouble. steve, over to you. >> a big manufacturing city, a big city of the arts, and the old stock exchange behind me founded in 1678. in this square, there's all kinds of bits of the german life. there's a manufacturing show room over there. they have been producing pianos here for centuries. i have the current head of the firm here. why is germany, even with these figures, still performing better than other countries? >> a lot of companies are not accepting any compromise. that makes them sticking out a little bit from the crowds and performing better than others. >> with these figures of virtually no growth in the second three months of the year, what is going on? what has suddenly hit the buffers. >> i think it's too early to call. it is normal that it be slowing down a little bit when people are on vacation. i know from ourselves and other companies -- we're still running on 100% capacity and actually having trouble to supply. >> people outside germany wonder why germans are not that keen on bailing
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